U s a g e G u i d e

Keep normal inflation pressure. Air very important to tyres,vehicles run on air. Proper inflation pressure may prolong the life of automobiles. The tyre is like a hypertensive inflation pressure is too high; on the contrary,the tyre is innutritious,both with shorten the service life of tyres.Also regular replacement of the assemble site of tyres in order to each wears away equally and to lengthen the service time of tyres. load according to the stated carrying capacity.As a result,the same damage will happen as if the air pressure is not enough if the tyre is overloaded,.when loading,the maximum load of each tyre should be considered seriously. Urgent acceleration breaking and turning will generates an evil consequence. Don't use rusty,crushed or welded steel wheel ring.Don't mount tyres of different specifications and quality on the same wheel axes. Tyres must be assembled on the ordinanced vehicles and rims.the rule is:

The same axes must be mounted with same tyres( then same size,brand,structure,and plyrating)while mounting or dismounting .special tools and apparatus are required and necessary so as to protect tyres and rims.

All tyres should be checked uyp cardfully befoire loading.the load of tyres must be met with the standard load which the relevant technical datum indicate ,and the cargo must be loaded in balance.During high speed driving stage,the raising temperature must be paid attention to aviod blowing up,and tubes pressure must be kept normal,Especially,drivers must check the tyres regular for a long journey.

Experts tell us :the rejection of tyres is as the follwings :about 25% is normal, and the remained 75% is caused owing to improper use or repair.

The tyre at the different position, such as back and forth,inside and outside should bu exchanged,which will make tyres wear evenly and lengthen theirlife.

S t o r a g e

1.Store the tyre in dry warehouses;avoid direct exposure in sunlight.The temperature of the warehouses should be between -10 to +30 and the relative humidity between 50-80%.The warehouses should be away from places where there are generating equipments or ozone is produced so as to reduce oxidization and aging.

2.Keep the tyres and tubes over one meters away from the heat source in the warehouses.Don't store tyres together with oils,inflammables,acids,alkalis or other chemicals.

3.Wrapped tyres or whole sets of tyres should be stored vertically on wooden rack.Rotate the tyres at fixed intervals,at least once three month.

4.The tubes inside the tyres shuold be slightly inflated and powered with talc on the surface.

5.If the tubes are stored alone,hang then on the semicircular racks in the state of infation.And rotate then regular so as not to be out of shape of gauffer.

6.Don't get rid of the wrapper of tyres if they have been packed and not ready to be used.Keep the original package and store them by proper way.

7.Store tyres separately according to the production or warehousing time and use them in sequence.

P a t t e r n

The main purpose of patterns is to transfer the haulage and brake force of vehicles to ensure a good gripping power between tyres and the road surface.Tyre pattern should be chosen according to the purpose and service performance of tyres.Generally,there are 4 tyres of pattern for users to choose:

1.Transversal pattern(Abbr.TP):It looks like horn and aniseed.
Advantages:the pattern basal is not reliable to split or hold stones.It is of good sliding resistance and abrasion proof.
Disadvantage:big pieces of pattern,generating much heat,slow to redicate heat,and easy to cause shoulder separation.

2.Vertical patterns(Abbr.VP):It looks like zigzag or saw teeth.
Advantages:Little drag force when rolling,good performance of side slipping resistance,generating little heat,quick to radiate heat,not reliable to cause shoulders separation,soft wheel track,small noise,and siutable to be applied to tar,cement roads.
Disadvantage:The pattern basal is reliable to split and hold stones.It is of bad performance of vertical slipping resistance and abrasion proof.

3.Mixed Pattern(Abbr.MP):the wheel track applies vertical ones,and the shoulders applies tracnsversal ones.
Advantages:Good Performance of slipping resistance.
Disadvatage:Bad performance of abrasion proof.

4.Off-the-road Patterns(Abbr.OP):
Advantages:Good Performance of anti-slipping,dragging and self-cleaning.
Disadvatage:Great loss when rolling,not suitable to work for a long time,large noise,not we arable,patterns are easy to be damaged